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Melt, open and be present

Time: Friday 13. April 2018 at 15:30 - Friday 13. April 2018 at 18:00

Melt, open and be present
Restore with Ditte Bykærholm Nielsen

Learn how to be present, melt and open your fachias through optimal support, breathwork and rest with the beautiful bowstorative praksis.

At this workshop you will be introduced to a new and unique way of restoring the body and mind. This practise works on both a physical and mental level and goes deep into the essense of our being. Bowstorative invites you to be sensitive, allow yourself support. It encreases your awareness, sensitivity and ability to be centered in your body. Bowstorative has a deep healing impact on the tissues, the environtment for strong muscels and a healthy posture.

This workshop is designed for people who are intested in a more soft and gentle way of aligning the body, ways to de-stress body and mind, how to release tension, for people who exercice a lot and need to soften, for sports, mindfulnesspracticiones and meditators, people who want a soft, open healthy posture and who are interested in practises that are non forceful, slow, very mindful and self caring.

At the workshop you will be introduced to bowstorative through a little talk and a lot of practise.


About bowstorative:

Bowstorative is a gentle, soft and slow variation of bowspring.

Bowstorative invites you to rest, at ease and awake in supported restorative poses, usins bowspring alignment. Bowstorative focuses on optimal curvy alignment to mindfully soften and open the body and let go of habbitual and unnecessary tension in body, mind and heart. In bowstorative the natural curves of the spine is restored by creating an optimal soft and open environtment of tissues and optimal use of breath and props like blankets, bolsters, blocks etc. In bowstorative the awareness lands in the body which is experienced as one whole system. The mind becomes clear, centred and open and the heart softens and opens too.

Bowstorative lands us in a present mind, body heartspace from where we get a deep sense of what we are.


About Ditte:

Ditte is, as one of very few a listed teacher in the mindbodymovement and trainingsystem Bowspring.

She is based in Copenhagen where she teaches bowspring in a yoga- and trainingstudio and in cooporation with physiotherapists. Ditte also teaches, workshops, trainings and immersions and she offers one on one sessions, mentor courses and retreats in bowspring, mindfulness and how to life from the heart.

Ditte has worked in the field of teaching, pedagogics, psychology over the last 25 years and she has a background as a schoolteacher. In her teaching she draws on her own experiences with yoga, bowspring, restorative practises, mindfulness and heartfulness as ways to release anxiety and work with posttraumatic stress, to return to a healthy, happy and strong body and mind.


DATO: Den 13. april 2018
TID: Kl. 15.30 - 18.00
PRIS: 375 kr.

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DKK 375,00

+ fee DKK 6,88