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Danish Beers on a Budget w. I-Group

Have you recently arrived in Aarhus and want to join the student life here? Or would you just like to taste 6 Danish Beers on a Budget? Let out international volunteer group, I-Group, take you through their favorite affordable Danish beers while they tell you about their experiences with the beer in Aarhus.


The beer tasting can be shared with 1-3 friends while you watch the video, which we have carefully made for you to enjoy!  

You can buy the virtual beer tasting in Studenterhus Aarhus or online. If you want to buy more than 5 tastings, please contact our bar manager at no@studenterhusaarhus.dk to order.

Price (shipping not included):

Members price: 99 Dkk

Normal price: 149 Dkk

Ølsmagning (medlem)

DKK 99,00


DKK 49,00


DKK 0,00

Ølsmagning (ikke-medlem)

DKK 149,00