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Do it like a Dane: Survival Guide

Tidspunkt: tirsdag d. 2. marts 2021 kl. 19:00 - tirsdag d. 2. marts 2021 kl. 21:00

What is the do’s and don’ts in Danish society? What's with the Danes and trust? Are Danes the happiest people and if so, why ?

Even after several months or maybe even a couple of years, the Danish society can feel bewildering. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Join us for an introduction to all the hidden norms of the Danish culture and get some tips on how best to get the most out of Aarhus.

19:00: Welcome & introducing HEADSTART
19:10: Trust society with Gert Tinggaard Svendsen (author of “Tænkepause” on Trust)
19:30: Dos & Don’ts in Danish culture
19:45: Useful phrases from the Danish system
20:00: Hidden Gems of Aarhus
20:15: Q&A
20:30: “Tak for i dag”

The event is organised by  Studenterhus Aarhus & AU International Center

The event is hosted online on Zoom:
https://zoom.us/j/95751717044?pwd=RStkSTBZeklGajhtSDJVRGZ2b0RGZz09 Meeting ID: 957 5171 7044 Passcode: 622128


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