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Bhakti Yoga

Tidspunkt: lørdag d. 10. november 2018 kl. 13:00

Bhakti yoga workshop with Nadine Sandjo

Bhakti is devotion; devotion comes with intention.

Whether you have been practicing yoga asanas for a week or 10 years, this workshop will give you the opportunity to go back to the roots and ground your practice with the correct intention.
We will begin our session by singing the guru mantra to clear up the nadis, the energy channels.
We will then move onto a Yogasana practice to cultivate that intention and move the energy throughout the body -with the breath.
We will then finish our session with a long relaxation to enjoy the benefits of the practice and really let that intention sink in.
Come with a playful and open mind, and experience Yogasana with a Cameroonian twist to it.


About Nadine Sandjo
Nadine has just moved from the U.K. to Copenhagen to teach computer networks at the University.
Nadine took up Yoga initially for its physical benefits when training for the London marathon in 2012 and found that it provided more than that … She got hooked and ended up taking a teacher training course a few years later from her teacher’s recommendation . Nadine traveled to India in 2016 to learn more about its philosophy – which she finds fascinating- .
For Nadine, Yoga is more than postures and it is about offering the practice to a higher being. Nadine says she has gained so much both holistically and emotionally from Yoga that her vision is to share and make it more accessible to others through her teaching.
Nadine teaches Bhakti Yoga, which can be a hard or slower flow depending on the ‘season of the soul’, with a devotional emphasis to it.

Practical information
DATE: 10th November 2018
TIME: 13:00-15:30
PRICE: DKK 350,-

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DKK 350,00

+ gebyr DKK 9,50